Where to find COVID-19 resources and law updates

First Financial Group of America is staying on top of current COVID-19 laws and regulations and how changes might affect our customers. The general public is bombarded with information daily, and some of it can be hard to understand.

We often hear questions such as:

  • Are my employees entitled to leave?
  • How does emergency paid sick leave work?
  • Does the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) affect FMLA?

It became clear that our customers needed a resource to help them navigate regulations and determine how it will affect the benefits employees receive from the government.

Our COVID-19 resources page contains links to resources like FAQs and a guide for details surrounding the FFCRRA and CARES Act. You can also view a recording of our latest benefits-focused webinar regarding COVID-19 and Paid Leave and other benefits. This page will be updated regularly as new information is released.

Our commitment to be the first in service and expertise for our customers is even more crucial in times like these. It is our sincere hope that this resources page is valuable as we continue to work through this pandemic together.

Click here to visit the COVID-19 resources page.

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