Benefits Enrollment

Making the process easy for you and your employees

High-Touch and High-Tech

Our high-touch, high-tech philosophy is at the heart of our success. In our experience, we’ve noticed that customers are more at ease discussing personal insurance needs with a familiar face. We’ve also noticed they appreciate what technology has to offer – being able to review benefit options and enroll online at their convenience. With First Financial, you don’t just get one or the other. We are there every step of the way to educate and assist, whether it’s in person or online.

Our robust benefit enrollment system allows both you and your employees to create and print enrollment confirmation statements. The online system records and retains all election entry information and dependent data. Files are uploaded into the payroll system after enrollment which alleviates the labor and concern of manually entered elections. We also send the benefit elections to the carriers through the electronic process. This provides for the highest accuracy in administering your plan and allows us to give our customers the total benefit solution.

High-Touch and High-Tech Benefits Enrollment

Benefits Education

Education is an important component of selecting the right benefits. There are a variety of options available to help educate your employees so they can choose the plans that meet their needs. 

Custom Benefits Website

Custom Benefits Website

We create an online Employee Benefit Center that is filled with open enrollment details, benefit descriptions, product brochures, videos, and plan information. 

On-Site Group Meetings

On-Site Group Meetings

Your dedicated First Financial representative will visit your location to allow employees the opportunity to learn more and ask questions.

One-On-One Appointments

One-On-One Appointments

Employees can request one-on-one appointments to meet with a First Financial representative and discuss the unique needs of their family to ensure they enroll in the right benefits.

New Employee Meetings

New Employee Meetings

 We take time to meet with new hires to help them understand your benefits, answer questions, and explain how the enrollment process works.

Online Benefits Enrollment Platform

Enhancing Your Benefits Enrollment Experience

First Financial offers a total benefit solution driven by our high-touch, high-tech philosophy that is at the heart of our success. We have resources that most of our competitors do not which easily makes this personable availability an option for employees.

Together with your human resources and technical staff, we develop an enrollment strategy that addresses the business needs of the organization and the personal needs of your employees. With our sophisticated system, you can save time and enjoy the convenience of giving your employees the ability to access benefit options anytime, anywhere.

Online enrollment features:

  • Call center help desk for technical support
  • Detailed product information
  • Provider links and contact information
  • Links to provider directories
  • Secure access to personal benefits information
  • Open enrollment changes made online
  • Add/discontinue benefits
Online Benefits Enrollment Platform

Custom Benefits Website

An Online Summary of Your Benefits

We believe that employee education is an important component of having a successful benefits plan. Employees have the right to know exactly what plans are being offered – and the inner workings of those plans – so that they can make informed decisions on what works best for them and their families. For this reason, we create a custom benefits website, referred to as an Employee Benefits Center, for each group we work with. The Employee Benefits Center is a one-stop-shop for employees to find all things related to their benefits.

The Employee Benefits Center is meant to enhance benefits education – not replace the valuable, face-to-face communication we provide during the enrollment process. It provides a summary of your benefits so that employees can quickly reference information any time, anywhere. Rest assured that your dedicated account representative will be available to answer questions and provide support whenever you need it.

Features of the Employee Benefits Center include:

  • Open enrollment and plan year dates
  • Benefit descriptions
  • Carrier phone numbers and addresses
  • Product brochures
  • Claim forms
  • Enrollment information
  • Contact information for your First Financial Account Representative

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