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At First Financial, our sole purpose is to provide financial security solutions to our customers. We strive to accomplish this goal by making insurance understandable, accessible, and economical through an array of reliable services.

Since 1966, First Financial has successfully provided a variety of services, insurance and retirement plans to public schools and governmental entities. First Financial has an understanding of the needs of both certified and classified personnel and offers quality products specifically designed to accommodate both. Our knowledge of employees’ needs better enables us to provide superior products and services to our valued customers. We will provide you and your employees with solutions for current and future needs.

Easily manage your benefts and achieve financial security


We help you with all aspects of benefit plan design, communication needs and employee education through our comprehensive, integrated approach.

Administrative Solutions

Our full range of services such as online billing, record keeping and program evaluation will keep your organization’s benefits running smoothly and efficiently.


We are with you every step of the way to educate and assist, whether it’s in person or online. 


With people living longer, healthier lives, employees can plan for a comfortable retirement with one of our quality retirement plans.

Our Services Provide Support & Peace of Mind

As an employer, you invest significant resources into employee benefit decisions that affect your organization. One of your biggest challenges is to ensure they are made in the best interest of all involved. Options need to be weighed to see how they will impact you, your employees, and your organization. In a world of ever-changing employee benefit scenarios, success is dependent on selecting the right company to help you identify and navigate barriers and complications related to maximizing options.

Partnering with First Financial Administrators, Inc. (FFA), a fully licensed, third-party administrator, opens the doors to industry best practices, utilization of advanced methods of technology, and up-to-date management of compliance and legal regulations. In addition, we offer a full range of administrative services such as online billing, recordkeeping, and program evaluation to keep your benefit packages running smoothly and efficiently.

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