Who is First Financial Group of America?

First Financial Group of America staff

The First Financial Group started in 1966 as a firm that provided specialized insurance services to business organizations and employees. Our services initially included financial investment options, payroll processing, and tax planning services. Over time, we added additional amenities such as billing, record keeping, and benefits management for our clients. We also offer consultation in tax obligations settlement, business administration, and organizational restructuring.

During our 53 years of service, we’ve been able to help thousands of clients with employee benefits management, enrollment programs, and insurance. We also have an excellent record of helping businesses improve their employee benefits schemes and payroll processing. Furthermore, First Financial Group of America is honored to have built a reputation of excellence in the market. Clients can continue to count on us as their reliable financial planner and administrative partner.

Who We Serve

Ultimately, we offer value-added administrative services to employers for managing employee benefits, savings, and investments. We also help you create the best coverage plan for your employees and their families.

First Financial Group of America works with individuals and businesses that want to mitigate their financial risks by finding the right coverage policies at optimum prices. We assist our clients with benefit enrollments and provide customer services related to those product offerings year around.

Simultaneously, we’ve developed relationships with major providers across the nation to further expand your options. We only work with vendors who have an A or better rating with the AM Best Company because financial stability is important to us.

Businesses are always looking to improve coverage for their employees and protect their interests. Insurance companies keep coming up with better policies that continue to efficiently protect against risks. And we’re right at the center of this process to help create mutually beneficial solutions for all concerned stakeholders.

What We Offer

We are there every step of the way for you and your employees.

The supplemental health insurance benefits and financial services we provide help protect your employees and their families. We are committed to helping them make the most informed decisions in their financial planning for the best price possible.

Plus, we support employers in the industries of school systems, hospitals, counties and city governments. When you partner with us, we will educate your employees on benefits and services, enroll them in the plan and provide you with access to our full range of administrative services to make managing your benefits a breeze.

Another part of what we offer in service is ensuring that businesses eliminate any unnecessary benefits that may no longer have relevancy for their employees. In fact, in helping streamline their benefits packages and match services that are more suitable to them, this reduces their workload and cost.

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Additional Services

Apart from our core employee benefits management program, we also offer administrative solutions for employers. At First Financial Group of America, we’re proud to provide support services for billing and invoicing, Section 125 plans management and even retirement funds. Furthermore, when it comes to the administration of your reimbursement accounts and COBRA offerings, we can assist with that as well.

With us as your administrative partner, you will get skilled professionals who will work on your business just as if they are one of your employees. Our highly competent team will do the job for you.

When you work with us, you’ll ultimately save both time and money. Who doesn’t want that? Our professionals are very knowledgeable about the market and they will also improve the efficiency of your employee benefits programs by providing the best solutions.

Working with First Financial Group means a win-win for your business and employees. Customized plans and pricing for your specific group is right at your fingertips. Connect with us for a one-on-one meeting to discuss your benefit needs and options. Contact us today to learn more.

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