Medical Transport Insurance – Why You Need It

A medical emergency can happen any time, anywhere. If you were suddenly faced with an emergency medical transportation need, would you be prepared to pay for it?

Today, many Americans believe their medical insurance coverage will pay for all costs associated with emergency or critical care transport. The reality is that a majority of people are only partially covered for these high costs. Most medical plans will pay a portion of costs, which helps supplement overall charges. However, you would be responsible for the rest. It’s possible your medical provider could deny your claim altogether, leaving you to pay the entire bill.

With a medical transport plan, you will have zero out-of-pocket expenses for any emergent air or ground transport from anywhere in the United States, regardless of who transports you.

First Financial Group of America partners with MASA Medical Transport Solutions (MASA MTS) to provide world-class emergency medical transportation benefits that protect our customers and their families.

“MASA is proud to partner with First Financial Group of America,” said Tony Lodovico, Senior Vice President, B2B Sales, MASA MTS. “This partnership will expand the portfolio of businesses that offer MASA MTS’ memberships, which help shield American businesses and their employees from excessive emergency transport bills.”

If you are an employer, offering MASA MTS would allow your employees to rest easy, knowing that health insurance gaps will not lead to substantial unexpected bills. Aside from covering employees, their partners, and all children under the age of 26, a MASA MTS membership provides the ultimate peace of mind.

“First Financial is excited to partner with MASA MTS and provide our clients with emergency medical transport services. Employers who currently offer this coverage understand that emergency transport claims are both costly and unexpected. Partnering with MASA MTS gives First Financial the ability to offer this unique type of protection, allowing our clients to strengthen their already robust benefits portfolio,” said Scott Elgin, Texas State Manager, First Financial Group of America.

For more information about medical transport plans and inquire about adding a MASA MTS membership to your benefits portfolio, contact your local First Financial branch office.

About MASA Medical Transport Solutions

MASA MTS is the leading prepaid limited health service that covers the unexpected costs associated with emergency medical transport. We provide a membership program covering all emergency air and ground transport providers in the U.S. and Canada. For more information, please visit

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