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Health Care Reform

First Financial's goal is to be your resource for staying up-to-date on the challenges and changes resulting from Health Care Reform and rising health costs. We want to help you stay informed on the steps you need to take today, find the answers you need, and plan for additional changes. We look forward to helping you during the months and years ahead.

Timeline of Effective Dates

Comprehensive Health Care Reform legislation was enacted in March 2010. While portions of the law have already taken effect, other changes will be put into place through 2014 and beyond. It is often helpful to see a visual timeline of the effective dates for key Health Care Reform requirements affecting employer-plan sponsors. Link to our preferred providers and partners for more information:

HCR News Feed

The information provided here is only a brief summary that reflects our current understanding of select provisions of the law, often in the absence of regulations. All interpretations are subject to change as the appropriate agencies publish additional guidance. First Financial does not provide legal advice – as such, we suggest that employers and individuals consult with their legal counsel and/or tax advisors about how Health Care Reform may impact them.