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Pre-tax dollars
for medical expenses

Medical Flexible Spending Accounts (Medical FSA)

With a medical FSA, employees can set aside part of their pay on a pre-tax basis to pay for eligible medical expenses, such as:

arrow Prescriptions
arrow Co-payments
arrow Deductibles

More eligible medical expenses

Account funds can be used to cover expenses, not only for the employee, but for qualifying individuals eligible for reimbursement.


Benefits Flex Debit Card

Employees can choose to use Benefits Flex Debit Card so they can conveniently use their Medical FSA funds at the point of purchase in:

  • Pharmacies
  • Physician or specialist physician offices
  • Dental offices
  • Vision care providers
  • Over the counter drugs (with an Rx)
  • Medical facilities and clinics
  • Hospitals, including emergency rooms
  • Provide protection for your employees
  • Select from a variety of vendors
  • Knowledgeable account managers available year round
  • Options to fit your business needs
  • Latest in technology
  • With you every step of the way
  • 40 years of experience